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Buying your ring from Add2Attract means that every aspect of your purchase will be discussed in full to ensure your final choice will be exactly right for you.

We specialise in matching your new ring to your engagement ring.
To provide this service we offer a completely free, without obligation consultation.

Broadly there are 6 main areas that we will explain and advise upon:

Colour: Gold, available in white, yellow, rose and 2 colour, platinum and palladium. Let us show you all the combinations, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each, allowing you to make the right choice. Matching your new ring's carat to that of existing and adjacently worn rings is vitally important to minimise unnecessary wear.

Weight: Determines the wall thinkness of the ring for a good over all look especially important when matching to engagement rings and when adding stones.

Width: When choosing the width of your ring consider comfort, overall look and if adding stones, the shape and size of the stones you require.

Carat: Gold is a relatively soft metal. In all cases nowadays gold is mixed with other metals to make it harder and more durable. The higher the carat, the higher the gold content in your ring.

Profile: There are a number of things to consider when selecting the profile of your ring including comfort, overall look and for the ladies a perfect match to your engagement ring.

Rings are available from us in 11 different profiles, most of which you will not find in the shops, each available in widths from 1.5mm to 15mm. We know this sounds technical, but we will explain and show you all the different options in detail during the consultation.

Plain, patterned or diamond set:

  • From a classic plain to a craftsmen made diamond cut patterned design, we offer a choice of over 5000 designs and styles.
  • Rings can be diamond set were ever you would like them and in the style setting of your choice.
  • All rings can be made for ladies and gents as required

For more information on choosing your ring or to order a catalogue contact us now.

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