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Net Members

(Heard on the net..)

Robin - G3TKF
Colin - GW3WSU
Martin - G4EIA
John - G4EPH
Dave - G4FJH
Roger - GW4HZA
Steve - G4MCQ
Martin - G4OPQ
Ian - G4TAH
Mike - G4TCI
Kevin - G8BDZ
Chris G8HJD
Pete - G8TXK
Owen - MW6RZJ
Russ - M0WYB
Reg - M3LDS

(Awaiting their first call in..)

Chris - G0JPS
David - G0LCX
Barry - GW1VJB
John - G4CYI
Allan - G4NNJ
Matt - G4RKY
Martin - G5FM
Paul - G6OSR
Adrian - G7IQJ
Pete - G7VHJ
Steve - G8JUT
Dave - GW8SZL
David - M0HBT
Martin M0HCT
Dan - M1CNO
Reg - M3LDS
Duncan - 2E0EOL
Neil - 2E0HOQ

(shown bold if subscribers to the
GB3FH Group in past 12 mths)

Past Visitors to the Net

Giles - G0NXA
Mike - GW1SXT
Phil - G1USW
Roger - G4DHK
Dave - G4NKT
John - G4WOD
Tony - G8CKK
Brian - G6AUR
Ken - M0KMI
Eddie - M0LJT
Wilf - M0WLF
Steve - M0VNP
Steve - 2E0PPF
Jeff - 2E1AFC

David N7BFE CA.

Thank you for your support
Lists updated 08/02/19

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MFJ Tunable DSP Filter
Model MFJ-784B. Great for teasing out the dx from the QRM etc. £90.00 ono Contact Martin G4EIA

Advise us ASAP when item is sold

Useful Links

G3WOS's 2017 6M / 50MHz BBQ
in conjunction with the UKSMG

Portishead Radio (GKA)

Just for fun, why not try the
2019 "Worked all Bristol (Post)
Code" Challenge

There are 37 Bristol
Postcodes to work!

Download and print off your Bristol Postcode / Area checklist here

Suggested Basic Rules

1. 144-146mhz simplex contacts only (no repeaters)
2. Fixed and portable stations (mobiles do not count)
3. Analogue / CW only
(no digital modes)
4. Challenge ends 31/12/2019
5. 145.350 (FM) / 144.350 (SSB) / 144.050 (CW) for QSY

WABC League table

G4FJH - 25
G4TRA - 5
G6AEC - 5
M0KMI - 5

Let me know when you have
worked multiples of 5 codes.

Contact details on download

Bristol 6m (GB3ZY) Repeater Net - Info & Objective

All licensed Radio Amateurs who are able to access GB3ZY
are welcome to
join our Net Group.

The Net is conducted every Thursday night from 20.00hrs
via the GB3ZY Repeater located just to the South of Bristol.

Latest News / Information

2019 WABC Challenge
Details and check list - click here

Some information From Matt (01/10/18)

The rusty bolt effect noticed last winter
should now be fixed.

If you have not subscribed to the repeater group for a while please use the DONATE link at the top left of this page to do so now and support Matt's efforts to keep our repeater live.

A few snaps of the 2018 Get Together

(click images to enlarge)

Those attending: G6AUR G3TKF G4EIA
& G4ZBL in Spirit only

A great time was had by all!

Thanks to Steve G4MCQ and Robin G3TKF for the photos

Current known issues

Matt (GB3ZY's Keeper) will be made aware of any found issues.
Thank you for your efforts Matt

FREE Members Classifieds
click here to view or to advertise your unwanted items

Our objective is quite simple..
To encourage 6m activity in Bristol and the surrounding area

This week's MC will be Dave, G4FJH (he will be monitoring the repeater on
Thursday evening from 19.50 - 21.00hrs, late "call ins" always welcome.

Thank you to everyone who joined the last Net.
Hope to hear you all again on 6m soon.

N.B. The GB3FH Repeater Group are aware of and support the Net and its Objective.

Why use a repeater for the Net?

We are very fortunate in the Bristol area to have an excellent but much under used resource (GB3ZY) already established and available to us. The question should really be; why NOT use the repeater for the Net?

A key advantage of using the repeater for our net is that..


With some VHF/UHF nets this is not the case, meaning that there are sometimes long periods of silence for participants.

GB3ZY has an excellent coverage foot print. It offers users living in the more immediate Bristol area the means to communicate easily using lower power and / or compromise antenna systems, for example an FT817 using its own helical antenna. With a little more power and an outside antenna, stations from a much wider area, can gain access.

We anticipate and hope that our Net will act as a "spring-board" to increase activity generally on 6m. In line with this, If, during the Net, 2 or more people find they can hear each other on the repeater's input, they can, if desired, QSY to a simplex channel. We welcome this but ask that any QSY is to a 6m channel in line with the Net's Objective.

Suggested 6m freqs. for direct communication / testing etc.
51.530mhz  /  51.550mhz + 51.300mhz (repeater's input)
Get them in your rig's memory now.

Guide to Net operation

The Net operates in the manner of a conventional multi-way QSO, it is not controlled from the "center" at each handover as with some other nets.

Participants need only remember the person THEY pass transmission on to. (The MC will keep a record of the correct order in case of memory lapses, signings etc..)

If a new station calls into the Net please let the MC take the next over to allow the running order to be revised.
(The new caller to the Net will normally be asked to transmit next.)

Please wait for the second "pip" (or a second or two if pips not working) before you take your turn to transmit to allow other stations that may be waiting to call in to the Net.
(Normal practice on most repeaters)


Now's there's a great time each week to put that new Icom 7300 (other rigs are available) to good use. Repeater set up info is available further down this page so find the "menu" button on your rig NOW and get programming.

Phantom Blippers!
Net members that hear this kind of activity should monitor the repeater input (51.3mhz) to see if the offender can be heard direct from their location. If so let us know via the contact form giving time and strength of offender's signal. Your details will be kept confidential. Information provided will be passed to repeater keeper and further steps will then be taken to identify and report such offenders.  Remember it is important that no direct response, reference or reply to the offender is made on the air as this will only gratify & encourage them.

Your Net needs YOU!

Members are asked promote the Net simply by mentioning our web address ( during their other QSOs during the week. This page is also listed on Google #1 by searching for "bristol repeater net" or simply "GB3ZY".

Any Member who wishes to be the Net's Master of Ceremonies for one week (or more) should contact Dave, G4FJH.

The GB3ZY Repeater

Repeater Keeper: Matt Beasant, G4RKY

Located on Dundry Hill, the aerial is mounted approx 25m AGL on the East facing leg of the mast facing along the top of Dundry Hill.

Repeater TX: 50.800MHz
Repeater RX: 51.300MHz
CTCSS:          77Hz
Output:           20W+ (at base of feeder)
Timeout:         Very long (to accommodate RSGB News broadcasts when implemented)
Deviation:       Narrow (advisory)
QTHR:            IO81QJ
NGR:               ST554667
Lat/Long:        51.398024 / -2.641757

Pictures of GB3ZY Taken by Matt 11th Jan 2017 (click to enlarge)

Connectivity Information Links

Sortable UK Repeater list with IRLP and Echolink codes

GB3ZY is linked to GB3FH and shares its online connectivity.
This connection is currently unavailable but is planned to be re-instated at some point.

Information supplied by GB3FH Repeater Group

DTMF Codes:

Find out how strong your signal is into the repeater:
During your transmission press [0] [9] then let the repeater drop out. It will automatically restart transmission and give an audio announcement of your received signal strength.

Find out what your signal sounds like on the repeater:
During your transmission press [5] [9] then drop your signal. You will hear an audio announcement that the repeater is ready to record your signal. If you then transmit with some audio and drop carrier, the repeater will play back the audio you provided.

Misc. Information Links

Google Map of repeater site - click here
(opens in new browser window)

Calculate how far GB3ZY and over 300 other UK repeaters are from your home QTH. Just enter your QRA Locator as directed - click here
opens in new browser window - thanks to G0LFP for this utility

6m (50mhz) abridged information

50.500-52.000MHz All Modes

This area of the Six Metre band is allocated to any mode with a maximum bandwidth up to 12.5kHz and is where you can find a mixture of:

  • FM simplex and repeater channels
  • Telephony and digital modes
  • Packet radio
  • Internet voice gateways
  • Automatic packet reporting systems (APRS)
  • Facsimile (fax)
  • Radio-teletype (RTTY)
  • Slow-scan television (SSTV)

Within the UK a total of 16 FM repeater channels spaced 10kHz apart have been allocated. The input frequencies lie between 51.220 – 51.370MHz with the outputs shifted 500 kHz lower between 50.720 – 50.870MHz.

Further up the band you will find a total of 10 FM telephony simplex channels. These lie between 51.410 - 51.590MHz, each spaced 20 kHz apart. The centre frequency 51.510MHz is designated as the FM calling frequency.

Information supplied by the RSGB

Background image: view from East Dundry Hill looking towards the North East
Site relevant: Bristol 6m Repeater Net | Bristol GB3ZY Repeater Net | Ham Radio Classifieds Bristol UK

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