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Decking has become a popular substitution for a patio but can also be used where it would not normally be possible to have a patio e.g.  raised above ground level with handrails and spindles for extra garden space.

We use constructional-grade tanalised timber with either a smooth or (more popular) anti slip surface.


Creative paving

Paving stone circles provide
an interesting feature to break
up an otherwise plain square garden, usually surrounded by decorative aggregates,
available in a variety of colours for added versatility.




We can source a massive variety of paving styles and colours, many from our local suppliers, Bowland Stone, allowing you to choose exactly the right look for your garden.  

Traditional reproduction flagstones laid in a random pattern are particularly popular
at present.



Bring art and structure to your garden whilst adding space
and style with a wooden pergola, built with constructional grade tanalised timber, to any shape
or size to suit your garden.



Water features

The gentle flow of water is incredibly soothing and water features make a wonderful focal point in any garden.  

The choice is huge from small pebble pools, monoliths, drilled boulders to copper or stainless steel units of any size. 


Fencing can be simple and practical, using traditional featheredge or overlap panels, or become another feature of your garden with the variety of fence panels available today.

Concrete posts and gravelboards are also available.



Garden ponds raised or sunken, of all shapes and sizes, constructed whether simply for ornamental use or for serious ornamental fish keepers.


We supply and lay high grade Rolawn - Britain's finest turf
and can arrange it in whatever shape you choose to increase the overall aesthetics of the garden.

Topsoil is also available.


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Carolyn Marks, Garden Designer,  Bristol