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Please ask for a quote on items not listed!

Adult items: tops, dresses, trousers, shorts, skirts.

0 -11 items

@ 1.00 each  11.00

15 Items

@ 90p each 13.50

20 Items

@ 90p each 18.00

20 Items

@ 90p each 18.00

25 Items

@ 90p each 22.50

35 Items

@ 90p each 31.50

50+  Items

@ 80p each 40.00



Shirts and blouses


Ladies suits






Children's items

age 0-5yrs 40p


age 6-14yrs 70p

Cot bedding

1.50 per set



Complete Single bed set


Complete Double bed set


Individual single sheets / duvet covers


Individual double sheets / duvet covers




Table cloths

1.00 - 2.00 each

Small items
(tea towels, pillow covers & napkins etc.)

40p each



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Collection and delivery
Simply contact us and we will collect your ironing from your home. Ironing is returned within 48 hours. If you request the express service this would be within 24 hours and incurs a 10% surcharge. Our free collection and delivery is standard, however if you are unavailable on the agreed day and time for collection or returns, a charge of 2 per additional trip will be made. A surcharge of 2 will also apply for collections or returns made outside of our regular schedule which covers specific areas on specific days.

Shirts and tops with collars, trousers, skirts and dresses are returned on hangers that are supplied by you, these should be returned on subsequent services to avoid a replacement charge of 10p per hanger. Please include enough hangers for garments, alternatively we can supply them at 10p each. All other items are professionally folded and stored in your personal laundry bag which is supplied FREE and is yours to keep. Use the laundry bag to store your ironing until we collect from you next time, which can be on a regular basis or as and when suits you.

We accept cash and provide an itemised receipt for your records. PAYMENT TERMS: Payment strictly upon return of ironing. A surcharge of 10% will apply to invoices outstanding for 14 days or more.

Peace of mind
Our ironers adhere to strict protocols, referred to as our 'garment care' policy, that includes ironing all dark fabrics on the reverse to avoid any possibility of the fabrics developing a shiny surface and a strict no smoking policy to ensure your laundry is returned fresh as well as crease free. In the unlikely event of any garments being damaged we will compensate to a maximum 50 per item. Any worn or shiny items you include with your load will be returned un-ironed to avoid any misunderstanding regarding liability for damage.

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