The worlds first manufacturer of LED signals for traffic control.

Tel: (+44) 01 179 145 510
Dok-Tek Systems Ltd. Bristol. England

At our manufacturing facility in Bristol, we developed the first ever LED traffic light. Primarily designed for use on loading bays. These traffic lights have now found many other applications, including theme parks, car parks, weighbridges , vehicle wash systems and many marine applications

Literature / Documents

Clients Pics & Links

Twin Circular

Twin Arrow & Shapes

Custom Bespoke Signals

Marine SOLAS lights. Ferry Traffic control. Car dealerships Racing circuit & Kart tracks. Theme Parks

Single Stacking
Circular 100mm

Single Arrow, Pointer
& Cross 100mm

ICONS, Symbols
& Special logos

Single Stacking
Circular 150mm

Single Arrow Pointer
& Cross 150mm

3 digit text / number
(4 if 1 / I used) single
or 7 / 8 segment

Larger Signals

Transport, Roadworks & Highway Signs
Including Flashing & Double Flash units

Wiring Accesory
Plate Arrays
(Same size as UK Light Switch) Avail as: Concealed or directly viewed LED’s Dark or White

Panels & Controls

Post Mounting Kits

PSU’s & Sundaries