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Dress Shields

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Sweat Guard Ltd
Brentwood Main Street
Sawdon YO13 9DY



Benefit summary

  • UK Made
  • 3 times absorbency
  • Small and discreet yet absorbs
    more than larger shields
  • Self-adhesive Dress Shields
  • Super absorbent Dress Shields

Dress Shields - some of Sweat Guard's customer reviews ...

I can now wear any colour of shirt! Due to excessive armpit sweat at social occasions I would always wear a white shirt to mask the problem as best as possible. Since discovering armpit Dress Shields I can now wear any colour shirt. Knowing you won't be displaying unsightly damp patches means you actually sweat less!
Stephen - Staffordshire

Sweatguard dress shields - simply the best at stopping sweat
Peter - Cornwall

I'm a slim and fit guy, but suffer with excessive sweating, so had to try these underarm dress shields. I received my first pack within just a couple of days of ordering and used from the next day. They are easy to apply and remain stuck throughout and I love them. They make me feel much more comfortable in work, during meetings and presentation. No sweat marks on my shirts anymore and I feel more confident to do my job. I'll be using dress shields permanently from now on to combat my excessive sweating. Kind regards
Jason - Northamptonshire

l purchase the armpit dress shields regularly for my son & they have changed his life. No more sweat marks on his T-shirts. He can go out with more confidence now.
Caroline - Aberdeenshire

I had Botox under both arms to help stop excess sweating, in September 2014 I had a stroke and couldn't have the Botox. I was becoming sore under my right arm, the side I lost use of, the Sweatguard underarm dress shields are fantastic I couldn't do without them now. Thank you.
Illona - Cumbria