About us

Crown Gilding Ltd's work covers a wide scope from new builds, public sector and smaller bespoke commissions and also on a grand scale for projects such as churches, public buildings, guild halls, libraries and many others, both in the UK and overseas.

We are a Primary Conservation Contractor and offer a consultation and assessment service with careful consideration and accurate advice for the best possible finishes. Architectural drawings based on existing designs are provided or in the case of new buildings, bespoke drawings and plasterwork.

We will either renovate on site or if in some cases where surfaces are beyond repair we can offer a replacements lovingly recreated using traditional methods.

We specialise in plaster, wood and stone restoration plus the cleaning and restoration required in the conservation of historic memorials and monuments. We can reproduce coats of arms in either plaster or stone, these can be painted, gilded and painted or even remain carved in sizes to suit.

Types of gilding such as silver leaf, aluminium and hand painted to a wide range of materials such as Plaster, wood, glass and stone are available, along with a wide range of pre gilded plasterwork ranging from coving, cornices, corbels, caps, ceiling roses and ornate plaster panelling.

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