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Excessive Sweating Deodorant

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Sweat Guard Ltd
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  • 14 day money-back guarantee
  • High Strength Excessive Sweating Deodorant
  • Works for Excessive Sweating even when other products have failed
  • UK made

What people say about Sweat Guard's Excessive Sweating Deodorant...

The Sweat Guard excessive sweating deodorant is my life line. I have used this for a few years now. Nothing else has ever worked for me and would always leave me sweating within minutes of application. I thought this would be too good to be true, but was amazed with the results. No matter where I am or what I wear, I don't sweat. I have really sensitive skin and was worried this would aggravate my under arms like others products have done previously. But I've not had a single problem since using this. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has suffered the embarrassment of excessive sweating. This had really make a huge impact to my confidence.
Nikki - Midlands

Had a big problem with excessive sweating and smelling and my clean clothes smelling of BO as soon as I started sweating. Every few months i would have to replace all my work clothes. Since using sweatguard soap and deodorant every day this problem has improved. I still sweat some but the smell has gone. I have tried many products over the years but this one really works, i would highly recommend sweatguard soap and deodorant.
Debbie - Surrey

I would just like to say that this product is life changing. 4 weeks ago I would constantly worry about what clothes I could wear in fear of the sweat rings appearing from my armpits. I was really down and didn't feel confident until I found this excessive sweating deodorant. It has literally changed my life. Now am I more confident, I don't have to worry about what coloured tops I have to wear in public and I feel normal once more. At the beginning I hesitated at the cost of this compared to a normal antiperspirant because i hadn't tried and tested it before, but I shouldn't have worried, this excessive sweating deodorant works  so well and is worth the money, this leaves your arm pits dry and smelling very fresh, I ordered two more I was that pleased with the results, thanks so much sweatguard - keep up the good work.
John - Edinburgh

The excessive sweating deodorant after a week kept me pretty much dry. No drips or my top touching my clothes to worry about. The pads stayed in place all day and are soft on the skin.
Karen - Aberdeen

Brilliant product. Simply does what it says on the product. No wet patches on shirts any more
Nick - Leicester

Hi there,
Sweat guard has actually changed my life I feel so confident to do things I couldn't or didn't feel confident enough to do before because of my excessive sweating issue. Before using sweat guard i would just start sweating after about an hour of putting my clothes on. Even if I wasn't hot I would still have excessively sweaty armpits. I always thought this was normal until I researched it and realised this wasn't the case. Thanks to sweat guard I can now live my life like all of my friends and be confident in doing so. Thank you. Kind regards
Lou - Cornwall

I have suffered from excessive sweating for years. I have tried various different products, mostly with no success. Some of the apply at night deodorants did reduce my excessive sweating but caused such irritation that I was forced to stop using them. I've not been using Sweat Guard deodorant for very long, but already I am noticing a big difference. I've not managed to buy any non black tops yet but it's lovely not to have that damp patch feeling anymore. I will add that sometimes I feel slight irritation but I think this has been due to my skin not being 100% dry after the shower. The product does state your skin should be dry before application so that's me not following the instructions, and I do have extremely sensitive skin. Having said that, it is nothing compared to what I've experienced with other products. It does seem expensive, but so worth it. When I think of the money I've wasted on ineffective excessive sweating products over the years I'd rather spend a bit more on something that actually works. I just need to break my shopping habits now and buy a bit of colour.
Jo - Highlands

I recently bought Sweat Guard deodorant due to excessive sweating under my armpits. It has been a huge confidence booster. I am now able to go into work without feeling conscious about sweat patches under my arms. I have tried so many other top brands to no avail. I would highly recommend trying this excessive sweating deodorant, you won't look back.
Jamie - Derbyshire

Sweat Guard is fantastic. After years of assuming that there just wasn't anything I could do to stop excessive sweating, even in the freezing cold of winter, a simple Google search led me to Sweat Guard. Now I can have a wardrobe full of whatever colours I want, rather than the dull black and white I was previously stuck with. I feel so much more confident now, all thanks to Sweat Guard.
Emma - London

If your hand antiperspirant is as good as the underarm deodorant, I will be very happy man, amazing stuff. thank you
Daniel - Hampshire

I was looking for plastic surgery options to stop my underarm excessive sweating and stumbled across sweatguard. I read a few comments on the website and thought why not. Now I can say it is by far the best and most effective deodorant I have ever used. It's changed my life. Thank you
Jamie - Kent

I've purchased a number of different excessive sweating products over the years, and Sweat Guard deodorant is the only solution for me. This is the first product that both works and doesn't itch whilst wearing it. Until the Sweat Guard products were available, I would never have the confidence to wear coloured shirts standing up in board rooms, certainly without T-shirts on and without a quick check for stains in the bathroom prior to a meeting. In fact, I have gone through so many quality shirts over the years that ended up ruined through the amount of deodorant I had to put on, still to sweat through them. I believe I'm actually saving myself money now. It's not quite life changing, but I am absolutely certain it's been career changing for me. I'm so glad I found the Sweat Guard website.
Michael - Warwickshire.