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What people say about Sweat Guard's Iontophoresis Machine UK ...

Just to let you know that I completed the 10th iontophoresis treatment last night and am very pleased to report that there has been virtually a 100% reduction in sweating. I must admit to being a bit sceptical when I started the treatment, after suffering with this for so long. But the iontophoresis machine has certainly lived up to its claims. Its so nice to be able to enjoy the summer weather now without having to worry or suffer the discomfort of wet feet. I am particularly pleased as I came across this iontophoresis machine purely by chance had never heard about it being used in the treatment of hyperhidrosis before and was actually looking up injections when I saw it listed on a website. After doing some research I thought this sounded more effective than the injections (which worked out a lot more expensive if you need to repeat it every 6 months). Im very pleased with the results achieved so far it more than justifies the initial cost of the iontophoresis machine. Yours,
Andrea - Newcastle

I received  my iontophoresis machine on 18th. Done treatments every day but one and now I am dry. THANK YOU.
Paul - Northamptonshire

Have recently purchased an Iontophoresis Machine from you and the results have been amazing. I used the machine everyday for around 10-12 days and noticed a massive difference, after a few more sessions my hands were totally dry. This product is amazing, Thanks so much. Kind Regards
Ashley - Manchester

I am very happy to say that the iontophoresis machine has been successful beyond my expectations! I am 36 and have suffered from sweaty hands, feet and armpits ever since childhood. It has been a source of embarrassment, shame and discomfort for years. For the first time this week, I have experienced dry hands and feet. My armpits still sweated a little bit but it is nothing compared to how it used to be. I would recommend the sweat guard iontophoresis machine wholeheartedly to other sufferers. Thank you so much. Best wishes,
Nathalie - Buckinghamshire

Although the weather has been a bit cooler, I haven't had any sweating on my hands and feet for over a week now. I was sweating during the night at the weekend and my hands and feet were dry. Totally amazed with this iontophoresis machine, I didn't think that would ever be possible. I am just hoping that when the warm weather comes I experience a similar situation. I have put up with this condition since i was a little girl and haven't been able to wear nice shoes in warm weather...i bought crazy shoes, for the first time for my hen night last weekend. Thank you.
Susie - Shropshire

I have suffered from excessive sweating for many years and I have tried many different products (roll on's and spray's with aluminium, various herbs and even acupuncture). Nothing really worked. I meet new people every day and it was very embarrassing to shake their hands when I suddenly start sweating. I thought I need to live for rest of my life this way. But then I done some more research and I decided as a last option to treat my problem with your iontophoresis machine. When I read the comments and feedback from people whose done the treatment and their results were so unbelievable. Too good to be true I thought. When I received my iontophoresis machine, I was full of expectation and I tried the procedure on the same day. After eight 30 minutes treatments I was a different person. My hands, feet and underarms were dry. I could finally shake peoples hands without embarrassment. This iontophoresis machine and Sweat Guard changed my life! Hard to believe the magic has been made by  just controlled low current and water. Thank you to bring me back my confidence.
Peter - London

I am very pleased with how my iontophoresis machine is going. I have noticed great improvement, today the hottest day, my hands sweated briefly then stopped, my feet remain dry all day. I am so looking forward to my holiday this year! Thank you very much for your help. Kind regards
Jackie - Wiltshire