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Sweat Pads UK

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Sweat Guard Ltd
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Benefit summary

  • Triple absorbency
  • Discreet size
  • Stays stuck to your shirt all day
  • UK made
  • Money-back guarantee

What people say about sweat pads from Sweat Guard...

Fantastic Sweat Pads that give the peace of mind my son needs.
Caroline - County Down

I found the SweatGuard sweat pads brilliant value money. They kept me dry and confident all day. They are discreet and stick really well.
Holly - Gloucestershire

I have to admit I was very skeptical about the idea of using these washable sweat pads. After debating whether or not to order them I was eventually swayed by reading all the positive reviews. For connivence I bought myself some safety pins and used these to fix the sweat pads to the relevant attire rather than sowing them into the material. I have to say from the first day I tried them I was amazed at how effective they are. My shirt stayed dry all day, even in a warm, clammy office. If positioned correctly using 2 safety pins they will stay firmly in place and keep you covered all day. I was even more shocked at the fact that they don't give off any horrible odours. The sweat pads are also very discreet and usually cant be seen through your shirts. Be warned, they are sometimes noticeable if wearing white clothing. They do last a few good washed before they begin to fade and thin. They do exactly as advertised. All in all a great product, fantastic value for money and highly recommended.
Stuart - Nottinghamshire

After years and years of worrying about having to wear bright colours to work and be embarrassed to even move my arms I've finally found a product that works! Sweat Guard sweat pads have literally been my life saver and leave me feeling happy and confident alongside being odour free! good job Sweat Guard!
Jess - Devon

I had my daughters wedding coming up and was really worried about sweat stains on my outfit, being in a fair few photos, but now I have discovered Sweat Guard sweat pads I have one less thing to worry about. It has made me more confident and my wardrobe a colourful place!
Julie - East Sussex

Bought for my son who is 14 with an excessive sweat problem. l have bought the armpit sweat pads & they work perfectly will be trying other Sweat Guard products in future.
Caroline - Aberdeenshire