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Sweat Guard Ltd
Brentwood Main Street
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Benefit summary

  • Money back guarantee
  • Products are UK made
  • Clinical strength products
  • Designed by a Hyperhidrosis Sufferer
  • Proven and effective solutions

What people say about Sweatguard...

I constantly use SweatGuard underarm shields and they are a boon.  I would not be without them.  It saves my clothes from ruin, and also constant washing of clothes.  I can thoroughly recommend them.  They are not expensive to purchase, either.
Caroline - Staffordshire

Sweatguard is an amazing product, both my daughter and I suffer from excessive sweating and above all else this is the only product that works for us. Thanks
Michelle - County Durham

All in all, a great product, fantastic value for money and highly recommended Sweatguard.
Stuart - Nottinghamshire

i have suffered from severe sweating of both my feet and underarms for the past 30+years, during this time i have tried numerous products which have not worked despite being guaranteed to do so. A few months ago i came across sweatguard products which i have to say are excellent. Both the deodorant and the foot antiperspirant are the best that i have ever used. I would like to thank you very much both for your products and excellent service. best regards
John - London

I ordered sweatguard for my teenage son and it has made a huge difference to him.
Sue - Lanarkshire

Sweatguards are brilliant for keeping work clothes smart and odour free. A great invention. Regards,
Emma - London

Before i found out about sweatguard i use to dread going out, wearing coloured clothes that could expose my sweating. Now i am free to wear what i want, no sweat, no stress.
Stacey - Cornwall

Thank you so much sweatguard, that's such great customer service.  I will certainly recommend your product to friends.
Jay - Hertfordshire

Sweatguard has changed our lives, and given us great confidence regards
Nigel - Middlesex

These dress-shields are most effective. They stay in place well and yet are easy to remove when used. They really protect clothes and give them a much longer life. Very good value for money, I wouldn't be without them now.
Amanda - Devon

I just want to say thanks for the very speedy processing and delivery of the order. You provide a most excellent service as always.Thanks,
Vas - Birmingham

Sweatguard provided great advice about my condition and what products would be most effective. I was really pleased with the speed of delivery and aftercare support has been excellent. Regards
Dan - Devon

Dear SweatGuard,
Thank you very much for refunding my money and realising that I had ordered the same product twice. That is what I call excellent customer service. I look forward to receiving your products soon. Yours sincerely
Joy - Norfolk

I already received the order. I want to thank you for your response and to congratulate you for your business attitude. Thanks again Sweatguard. Regards~
Dimitris - London