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My Services
Should you wish to discuss your specific requirements or any services that are not detailed below, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am able to work from your original source (hand-written or typed) received by post, hand delivered, fax or via e-mail.
General Typing/Copy Typing Services
Ranging from letters, reports, dissertations, minutes, tables etc.
Audio Transcription
Transcribing from digital audio files (including wav, wma and dss), mini and standard cassettes.
Creating a new mailing list or editing your existing mailing list, and undertaking updates etc. Merging and printing mailshots/circulars (onto company headed paper if required). Label printing.
Data Entry
Quick and accurate data entry using Excel or Word.
Typing of Business Documentation
Setting up a template to enable your business documentation to be typed and printed onto company headed paper (if required), i.e. invoices/orders/quotations.