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Benefit summary

  • Iontophoresis stops excessive sweating
  • Certified Medical Device
  • One-to-One email treatment support
  • Home-use
  • Buy from the UK Iontophoresis Experts

Some information about Iontophoresis...

Is Iontophoresis for me ?
If you have tried high strength antiperspirants and they have either failed to reduce your severe sweating or they have irritated your skin, you will still be looking for that elusive treatment. Iontophoresis has been successful for people who were not happy with the sweat reduction gained from expensive injections and even people who after surgery found their sweating needed reducing elsewhere. If severe sweating is affecting you, consult your Doctor who will be able to recommend treatments that are right for you.

Is Iontophoresis for everybody who suffers from severe sweating ?
NO - if any of the following apply, you must NOT use Iontophoresis :-

  • You have metal implants or replacements
  • You have a cardiac pacemaker or cardioverter-defibrillator
  • You have a electrical stimulator
  • You have a endoprosthesis
  • You have a Intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUD/IUCD)
  • You are pregnant
  • You are breast-feeding
  • You have polyneuropathy
  • You have high skin sensitivity
  • You have an allergy to stainless steel, chrome, nickel or any metal
  • You have wounds in the area to be treated

I suffer from excessive sweating of the hands, feet and armpits
YES, iontophoresis successfully treats even people who sweat excessively from the 3 body areas of armpits, hands and feet.

I have heard Iontophoresis treatments are time-consuming
YES, initially iontophoresis is time-consuming. Most people who invest in their own iontophoresis machine have struggled with excessive sweating for years. Most have visited their Doctors, tried various types of high strength antiperspirants. Most have spent a considerable amount of time researching different products, buying products, visiting specialists etc. For the vast majority who have the patience for iontophoresis, the time invested is well worth the effort. Many say, "iontophoresis has been life-changing".

Is Iontophoresis a permanent solution to severe sweating ?
NO. Once you have controlled your sweating problem with iontophoresis, you then need to keep your sweating under control by carrying out maintenance treatments. If you fail to carry out maintenance treatments, sweating will return.

Iontophoresis machines are expensive ?
Some are very expensive at over £1,000. On the other hand, you can buy high quality machines at only £350 that treat either armpits or hands/feet. In the UK, SweatGuard is one of the longest established iontophoresis specialists and they sell high quality European made electronic iontophoresis machines from £350. Their most expensive option is only £400 and this allows you to treat the three different body areas of armpits, hands and feet.