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Iontophoresis machines

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Sweat Guard Ltd
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  • Iontophoresis stops Hyperhidrosis
  • Buy from the UK problem sweat specialists
  • Treat yourself at home
  • Treatment advice through one-to-one
    email support
  • From 350

What people say about Iontophoresis machines from Sweat Guard...

I have recently purchased an Iontophoresis machine from Sweatguard after losing hope that nothing could improve my sweating hands and feet. I was thrilled to find that after 10 iontophoresis treatments the sweating has reduced by around 95%. I am over the moon! Sweatguard's advice and expertise has been invaluable. Many many thanks
Kate - Yorkshire

I have had excessive sweating of my feet for 15 years now and it has controlled my life socially and also in the working environment. I have tried everything from antiperspirants to injections through the NHS, but nothing worked. The last item that I tried before I gave up was an iontophoresis machine from sweat guard. Within 2-3 weeks my sweating on my feet had a reduction of 30% and after another 4 iontophoresis treatments, the sweating had reduced by 80%. I have now had the same footwear for 3-4 weeks, instead of 3-4 days, and it is great. The service and advise that I have received from sweat guard has been great and I would highly recommend their iontophoresis machine.
Matthew - Aberdeenshire

Iontophoresis works and the sweat guard team are absolutely amazing. Their expert advice and individual customer care really makes a big difference - they really know their stuff. You can buy their iontophoresis machine with 100% confidence. I cannot thank them enough for their guidance with iontophoresis. I have finally resolved a problem which was the source of so many awkward, annoying and confidence reducing moments throughout my life. Best wishes
Anh - London

I can not believe this iontophoresis machine has made my hands dry, very impressed with the product. This has to be the best 350 I have ever spent Regards
Tom - West Yorkshire