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About Jane McCaa

Jane McCaa is a Scottish science fiction writer with a Classics background, and she reckons the two mix very nicely Ė did you know that possibly the earliest science fiction story was written in Greek in the 2nd century A.D.?
(Itís about a voyage to the moon and is by Lucian Ė check it out.)

Jane was educated at the oldest girlsí school in Scotland and more than one University.  She has worked at educating others for most of her career, but has also seen plenty of the outside world working in offices, shops and catering, and has designed and sold her own jewellery.

After years of living in exile in Bristol, the graveyard of academic ambition (i.e. itís a nice place, people just settle down and stay), Jane has now returned home to her beloved Scotland, where she is based in the Borders, rich in history, beautiful and scene of many of her childhood memories. read more about Jane

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