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Unique coaching approach
Tried and tested system
2000+ track days experience
Nearly 40 years in racing
20 years as a race instructor
3 Times British Porsche Champion

Over the last 20 years John Bussell has built a reputation as one of the world's very best one to one instructors for advanced race coaching and track day driving instruction.

His race, track day and testing experience enables him to impart valuable knowledge and feedback to the complete novice, right through to the seasoned racer and team engineer.

Everyone can benefit from one to one, in-car racing instruction, it's more cost effective and much safer than "learning" through having accident experiences.

A unique tried and tested coaching method, has given John the ability to coach a total novice to a high level of competence and safety in a very short space of time compared to other instructors. Whether male or female, 17 or 70!

John has also helped many seasoned racers by using his ability to quickly spot why an experienced driver has "plateaued out" at a certain level, finding further progression hard or impossible.

"Given enough time in the car with me, I will guarantee that you will
become a quicker, safer and more competent driver".