Trackday Experiences

A Gift with "adrenaline"

We offer "adrenaline rush" driving gift experiences across the UK and Europe.

John Bussell brings you Trackday, the ultimate driving gift. Enjoy three very different driving experiences, expert tuition, lots of thrills and lots of smiles.

Use your own car or enjoy one of ours!

A Trackday is foremost a great way of enjoying yourself, but it can also test the speed and handling abilities of your own car in a safe, controlled environment away from the public highway.

Like our full course, our Trackdays start with a class-room style briefing, where you can learn your chosen circuit, the corners, the braking points and racing lines etc.

By the end of your Trackday you'll be lapping faster than you ever dreamed possible.


A few of the most common Trackday questions...

Do I need a race-licence?
No, but you must bring your ordinary valid driving licence if you will be driving either the circuit's or the organisers' own cars. They might not allow you out if you are banned or currently have six or more points on your licence - check first.

Will I need a crash helmet?
Yes, you most certainly will! Under no circumstances should you use an old helmet if damaged in any way. If there's any doubt get a new one.
A good helmet could save your life.

Does my own car have to be roadworthy if used?
In most cases yes, any car used has to be of a safe standard - check first.

Will my own car's standard insurance cover me for a Trackday?
Probably not. If you damage your pride and joy you are on your own.
It's your responsibility to check with and advise your insurers.

I haven't got race overalls, does that matter?
No, the emphasis is on comfort, if you can afford a decent set of overalls great, but it's not a requirement, a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt will be fine. Arms must be covered at all times. We also recommend race boots and driving gloves, as they do make driving easier.