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Here at Blueprint Saferooms we understand the importance of ensuring
the safety of you and your loved ones in this ever changing world.

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Blueprint Saferooms is the ultimate service for planning, design and construction of protective safe rooms and shelters. These will ensure the safety of you and your loved ones in times of disaster. No insurance policy will provide this level of cover.

Our shelters are based on tried and tested designs that have been adapted for the UK market. Each one is designed to provide protection against sustained attack and internal features can include a small kitchen area, bed space, lavatory facilities, generous storage space and electrical supply all depending on individual customer requirements.

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Blueprint Saferooms manufacture safe rooms, safe haven shelters, disaster shelters, bomb shelters, nuclear bunkers, fallout shelters, underground survival shelters, blast resistant shelters, all hazard shelters and underground storage bunkers. We provide a nationwide service that covers the whole of the UK.

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