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Safe rooms, safe haven shelters, disaster shelters, bomb shelters, nuclear bunkers, fallout shelters, underground survival shelters, blast resistant shelters, all hazard shelters and underground storage bunkers.

Blueprint carpentry and construction is the ultimate service for planning, design, construction and installation for underground protective shelters. We understand the importance of you and your loved ones staying safe at all times. We can manufacture shelters to help ensure the safety of you and your loved ones in times of disaster. No insurance policy will provide this level of cover.

History has shown that the United Kingdom is NOT immune to war, terrorist attack or civil unrest. The current situation with Russia & Ukraine, the ongoing terrorist threat from abroad, Iran, North Korea and the pending economic collapse should be major causes for concern for anybody in this day and age. Many experts believe it is just a matter of time until we experience a major life changing event.

The current UK Government's National Risk Register list pandemic influenza, catastrophic terrorist attacks, severe effusive volcanic eruptions abroad and civil unrest on our streets among the top risks that threaten the United Kingdom today. London and other major cities could be the target of a major event yet again. The current threat level is rated at SEVERE. This means a terrorist attack is HIGHLY LIKELY.

Our shelters will help protect you from all of these:

  • Pandemics
  • Chemical spills
  • Exploding fuel depots
  • Power plant accidents
  • War, Nuclear, biological or chemical attack
  • Terrorism
  • Civil unrest
  • Earth tremors
  • Freak weather conditions
  • Volcanic dust clouds

Our main shelter concept is based on a tried and tested model that has been built by the leading shelter manufacturer in the United States if not the world. They have been building shelters for 30 years and are a leading authority on the subject.

The same steel shelters were tested and proven at the Nevada test site to blast pressures of 200 psi. This shelter concept employs the correct shielding factors and geometric design to offer you a truly ALL HAZARD SHELTER that will help protect you and your family from almost all disaster scenarios.

The shelters are constructed of material that will allow movement during violent earth motion and include high specification ventilation equipment that offers full NBC protection. Hardened steel entrance and exit doors are included.

Our shelters have been specially adapted for the UK market. Internal features can include a small kitchen area, bed space, lavatory facilities, generous storage space and electrical supply all depending on individual customer requirements.

Have you an existing basement or shelter? Is it cold, dark or damp? Well it doesn't need to be. We can convert and modernise and even install ventilation systems that will help keep you alive in times of disaster.

Whatever your requirements, CONCRETE OR STEEL we can help. We can install a simple basement safe room shelter that may mean the difference between life and death in a disaster situation.

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