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  • Buyers and sellers of new & used metrology and inspection equipment
  • Quality assured with UKAS certs
  • Over 5000 measuring instruments
    and systems in stock
  • Workshop repair facilities available on site
  • New and used metrology spares available

Come and visit our extensive showrooms situated in central Bristol. By appointment only.

Perhaps you have an item of metrology equipment which is no longer used, a part exchange maybe considered against items on our stocklist.

If there are any items from our stock range that you are interested in and you have been quoted a lower price from a main agent,dealer or distributor, I will match the price less 10%. Warranties & UKAS Certs always available.

In house calibration service available for the
purchased items listed below:

  • Roughness Plates
  • Talysurfs / Roughness Testers
  • Digital Height Gauges
  • Profile Projectors
  • Talyrond Standards

To view our accreditation for calibration click here

On site calibration service available
for the items listed below:

  • Digital height gauges
  • Setting blocks/standards
  • Talysurfs/roughness testers
  • Talyronds
  • Roughness checkplates
  • Profile Projectors
  • Granite tables

All calibration carried out is either to UKAS or traceable to national standards.

On site calibration  | Pricelist - click here

Service and Repair facilities available on:

Bore Micrometers  | Services Pricelist - click here

  • Bowers XT Digital
  • Bowers MK11 Digital
  • Bowers XTA
  • Bowers XT holematic
  • Bowers Superbore
  • Tesa Imicro
  • Tesa Tri-O-Bor

Height gauges  | Services Pricelist - click here

  • Tesa Hite 1 & 2
  • Tesa Hite Plus D
  • Tesa Microhite O4 Orange
  • Tesa Microhite 06 Orange
  • Tesa Microhite 350/600/900
  • Trimos Mini Vert
  • Trimos TVA800
  • Trimos TVD
  • Trimos TVM
  • Trimos TVM 601/602
  • Trimos TPR Tool Presetter 300/301
  • Trimos Vertical 3 TVA 600/800
  • Trimos V Series + 300/600/1000
  • Trimos Z Cal

Western Tooling Services can now offer a 1 day turn around for service / repair on your height gauge. Simply bring your gauge to our premises in Bristol and I will quote parts and labour. If I cannot fix within 3 hours I will give you a p/x price against one of the 100 plus height gauges in our stock matched to a similar condition and age. The gauge that you take will carry a 3 month warranty and have a new calibration cert. (Terms and Conditions will apply)

Surface/Roundness/Form | Services Pricelist - click here

  • Bowers CV135
  • Bowers TR100
  • Bowers TR200
  • Diavite DH5/DH6/DH7
  • Federal Pocketsurf
  • Mitutoyo 201/211
  • Mitutoyo 301/401/402
  • Moore & Wright Surfscan 200
  • Moore & Wright Surfscan 100
  • Moore & Wright MTR 110
  • Surtronic 1
  • Surtronic 2
  • Surtronic 3 / 3 + / 4
  • Surtronic 10
  • Surtronic 25
  • Surtronic probes 1,2,3,4,
  • Talyrond 100 / 200 / 265 / 365
  • Talysurf 10

Western Tooling Services can now offer a 1 day turn around for service / repair on your Talysurf / Roughness Tester. Simply bring your Talysurf to our premises in Bristol and I will quote parts and labour if I cannot fix within 3 hours I will give you a p/x price against one of the 200 plus Talysurfs and Roughness Testers in our stock matched to a similar condition and age. The Talysurf that you take will carry a 3 month warranty and have a new calibration cert. (Terms and Conditions will apply)

Only good quality equipment is ever stocked. We do not sell or buy anything from far eastern countries.

Height Gauges, Roughness Testers, Roundness Testers, Projectors & certain Calibration Equipment all carry a minimum 3 month warranty. This can be extended to 6 or 12months on customer request. (Terms and Conditions will apply)

All our equipment comes with a money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied. (Terms and Conditions will apply)

Height Gauges, Roughness Testers and other delicate equipment are always delivered by our own transport. If you wish these items posted or by a courier, Western Tooling cannot accept responsibility for damage sustained in transit.

All equipment listed on website is in stock at our Bristol premises and available on a next day service, nothing is listed from a third party. All our service and repairs are carried out in our workshops


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 We proudly stock:    


  • Avery
  • Baty
  • Benson
  • Bowers
  • Brown & Sharpe
  • Carl Zeiss
  • C E J
  • Come Measuring Tables
  • Coventry Tool & Gauge
  • Crown & Windley
  • Diatest
  • Diavite
  • Eclipse
  • Etalon
  • Federal
  • Fowler
  • Frenco
  • Heidenhain Readouts
  • Hilger & Watts
  • Hoffmann
  • Horstmann
  • Interapid
  • Intertest
  • John Bull
  • Jones & Shipman
  • JSA Slotmasters
  • Kroeplin
  • Mahr
  • Marlco
  • Matrix
  • Mercer
  • Metronics
  • Mitutoyo
  • Moore & Wright
  • MPJ
  • Nikon
  • Rank Taylor Hobson
  • Rubert
  • Shardlow
  • Shefcut
  • Sigma
  • Starrett
  • Sykes
  • Sylvac
  • Tesa
  • Time
  • Trimos
  • Twinner measuring systems
  • Verdict

 My stocklist (left) updated daily.

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selector at the top of this page.







I am always available on my mobile number for your enquiries.

Call Martin James (Director) on 01179 773766 or 07974 523255
for all sales , calibration , service and repairs

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Guide to equipment types by Category:

Bore Measurement
Bowers Bore Micrometers
Bore Micrometers Three Point Digital Metric/Imperial
Bore Micrometers Three Point Sets Metric
Bore Micrometers Three Point Metric
Bore Micrometers Metric Three Point Blind Hole Type
Bore Micrometer Sets Three Point Imperial Blind Hole Type
Bore Micrometers Imperial Three Point Blind Hole Type
Bore Micrometer Sets Three Point Imperial
Bore Micrometers Three Point Imperial
Bore Comparator Sets Imperial
Bore Comparators Imperial Standard
Bore Comparators Metric
Bore Comparators Short Reach
Bowers Tgm Internal Calipers
Bowers Tgm Internal Calipers Digital
Bowers Tgm External Calipers
Bowers Tgm External Calipers Digital
Bowers Superbore Gauges
Bowers Universal Gauge
Bowers Xt Digital Bore Micrometers
Bowers Digital Bore Micrometers
Bowers Holematic Bore Mics
Bowers Smart Plugs
Bowers Xt Holematic Bore Mics
Bowers Xt Holematic Extreme
Bowers Xt Extreme Bore Mics
Bowers Xt Analogue Bore Mics
Crankshaft Deflection Gauges
Diatest Sets Metric/ Flat Bottomed Type
Diatest Sets Metric
Diatest Stands
Diatest/Mercer Clocks
Diatest Sets Imperial
Diatest Setting Ring Spares Imperial
Diatest Setting Ring Spares Metric
Diatest Probe Spares Imperial
Diatest Needles And Collet Holders
Etalon Bore Micrometers
Grasmere Bore Comparators
Internal Dial Caliper Gauges/Intertest Gauges/Imperial
Internal Dial Caliper Gauges/Intertest Gauges/Metric
Interapid groove checkers imp
Interapid groove checkers metric
Inside Micrometers Imperial
Inside Micrometers Metric
Intertest Gauges External
Intertest Gauges Internal
I R A Gauges
I R A 2 Gauges
John Bull Intercheck Guns
John Bull Bore comparators
JSA Slotmasters
Long Reach Bore Comparators Metric
Long Reach Bore Comparators Imperial
Mahr 844t Gauges
Mahr Universal Gauges
Mercer Bore Setting Masters
Mercer bore comparators
Matrix inside bore mics imp
Matrix inside bore mics metric
Metron bore gauges
Moore & Wright inside bore mics imp
Moore & Wright inside bore mics metric
Mpj Gauges
Mitutoyo Holtest Bore Micrometers
P V E inside micrometers
Right Angle Bore Comparators Imperial
Sylvac Magnacal
Sylvac Metrebore
Telescopic 2 Point Bore Gauges
Tesa Alesometer Bore Micrometers
Tesa Imicro Bore Micrometers
Tesa Inotest Gauges
Tesa Intertest Gauges
Tesa Unitest Gauges
Tesa Unimaster Gauges
Tesa Veribore comparators

Verniers, Splines & Gear Measurement
Benson Gear Tooth Verniers Imp
Benson Gear Tooth Verniers Metric
Benson Vernier Calipers
Bowers Spline Gauges
Bowers Spline Gauges Digital
Chesterman Vernier Calipers
Depth Verniers Metric
Depth Verniers Imperial
Depth Verniers Hooked Foot
Dial Calipers Metric
Dial Calipers Imperial
Long Jaw Vernier Calipers
Mahr Centrimeters
Mitutoyo Vernier Calipers
Moore & Wright Vernier Calipers
Mitutoyo Digital Verniers
Moore & Wright Digital Verniers
Sylvac Microcal Calipers
Sylvac Microcal Stands
Sykes Gear Tooth Comparators
Sylvac Digital Verniers
Tesa Vernier Calipers
Tesa Depth Verniers
Vernier Depth Gauges Metric
Vernier Depth Gauges Imperial

Bar Micrometers
Blade Micrometers
Bench Micrometers
Bench Micrometers Digital
Bench Micrometers Digital
Bowers Digital Micrometers
Combination Mics Dual Scale
Carl Zeiss Micrometers
Can Seam Micrometers
C E J Micrometers
Deep Throat Micrometers
Deep Throat Disc Mics
Deep Throat Ball Mics
Disc Micrometers
Depth Micrometers
Etalon Indicating Micrometers
External Caliper Micrometers
Five Fluted Micrometers
Groove Micrometers
Gear Tooth Micrometers
Globe Micrometers
Internal Caliper Micrometers
Jig Bore Micrometer Sets
Mahr Indicating Micrometers
Micrometers Boxed Sets Metric
Micrometers Boxed Sets Imp
Mitutoyo Digital Micrometers
Moore & Wright Digital Mics
Micrometer Heads Metric
Micrometer Heads Imp
Micrometers Combination Imp
Micrometers Combination Metric
Passometer Micrometers
Passometer Blade Mics
Point Micrometers 30 Deg
Point Micrometers 60 Deg
Reduced Frame Hub Mics
Sphere Micrometers
Surface Micrometers
Step Micrometers
Spline Micrometers
Tube Micrometers
Tesa Digital Micrometers
Tesa Combination Micrometers
Tesa Indicating Micrometers
Three Fluted Micrometers
Universal Micrometers
Wire Thickness Micrometers
Wall Micrometers

Thread Measurement
Bowers Superbore Thread Gauges
Bowers Holematic Thread Guns
Bowers Digi-thread
Cyclindrical Standards
Cycl Setting Masters
Cussons Floating Carriages
Disc Setting Masters
Fiducial Indicators
Horstmann Thread Cylinders
Marlco Thread Parallels
Matrix Floating Carriages
Matrix Cylindrical Standards
Matrix Floating Carriages
Matrix Micrometer Heads
Matrix Thread Wires
O Vee Gauges
O Vee Wires
O Vee Comparators
Sigma Floating Carriages
Thread Caliper/Snap Gauges Metric
Thread Caliper/Snap Gauges Imperial
Thread Micrometers
Thread Parallels
Thread Wires Imperial
Thread Micrometers
Thread Caliper Gauges
Y P G Thread Wires

Height Gauges
Bowers Digital Height Gauges
Digimahr Height gauges
Eley And Warren Height Gauges
Fowler V1000 Height Gauges
Fowler V600 Height Gauges
Fowler V600 Accessories
Fowler Printers
Height Towers Metric
Height Towers Imperial
Height Gauges Manual Imperial/Metric
L K Height Checkers
Mahr Digital Height Gauges
Micro Vertex
Mitutoyo Digital Height Gauges
Moore & Wright Digital Hgt Gauges
Pressier Digital Height Gauges
Sony Height Checkers
Sylvac Printers
Tesa Micro Hite Gauges
Tesa Hite Gauge Plus
Tesa Hite Gauge Plus D
Tesa Micro Hite Accessories
Tesa Micro Hite 1 Type 04
Tesa Micro Hite 11 Type 06
Tesa Micro Hite 1d Panels
Tesa Micro Hite 2d Panels
Tesa Hite Accessories
Tesa U Hite
Tool Presetters Digital
Trimos Mini Vertical Height Gauges
Trimos Mini Vertical Granite Bases
Trimos Printers
Trimos TVM Height Gauges
Trimos TVM Spares
Trimos Vectra Touch
Trimos Vertical 3 Height Gauges
Trimos Vertical 3 Accessories
Trimos Digital Height Gauges
Trimos Tool Presetters
Trimos TV500 Height Gauges
Trimos TV500 Spares
Trimos TV500 Accessories
Trimos TVD800 Height Gauges
Trimos TVD1100 Height Gauges
Trimos Z Cal 150
Trimos Z Cal 300
Z Cal Height Gauges

Calibration Equipment
Baty Ten Fifty Checkmaster
Bench Centres
Bench Micrometers
Bowers Checkmatic Gauge
Bowers Comparator Stands
Cast Iron Surface Tables
Come Measuring Tables
Comparator Stands And Gauges Imperial
Comparator Stands/Towers
Datum Tracing Probes
Dial Gauge Calibrators
Diatest Calibration Testers
Digital Comparators And Stand
Digital Bench Micrometers
Digital Comparator Accessories
Frenco Centres
Granite Comparator Stands
Granite Cubes
Granite Parallels
Granite Squares
Granite Tables
Granite Tri Squares
Heidenhain Readouts
JSA Pyramid Mic Checker
Laser Scan Micrometers
Mitutoyo Calibration Testers
Mitutoyo Comparator Stands
Mercer Comparator Stands
Metronics Quadra Check Boxes
Mitutoyo Digital Readout Scales
Mitutoyo Mini Data Processors
Optical Glass Scales Imperial
Optical Glass Scales Metric
Optical Parallels
Optical Flats
Rubert B Ball Blocks
Rubert B Ball Vee Blocks
S I P Measuring Machines
Sigma Comparators
Sigma Sine Centres
Steel Parallels Insp Grade
Sylvac Calibration Testers
Sylvac Digital Readout Scales
Test Centres Inspection
Trimos Calibration Tester
Trimos Telma Horizontal
Test Centres Horiz/Vertical
Test Centres Horizontal/Vertical
Vee Blocks
Verdict Squareness Testers

Roundness / Straightness Equipment
Centering Stages
Flick Standards
Glass Hemispheres
Scroll Chucks
Talyrond 73
Talyrond 100
Talyrond 200
Talyrond 265
Talyrond 365

Bowers Digital Mic Heads
Baty R14 Accessories
Baty R14 Lenses
Baty R14 Projectors
Deltronic Projectors
Deltronic Lenses
Heidenhain Readouts
Metronics Quadra Check Boxes
Mitutoyo Microscopes
Mitutoyo PJ300 Projectors
Mitutoyo PJ300 Lenses
Mitutoyo PJ300 Vee Blocks
Mitutoyo PJ250 projectors
Mitutoyo PJ250 lenses
Mitutoyo PJ300 Accessories
Mitutoyo PJ250 Accessories
Mitutoyo Digital Mic Heads
Mitutoyo PJ300 Radius Charts
Mitutoyo PJ300 Thread Charts
Nikon Projectors
Nikon Spares
Nikon 10x 20x 40x 50x Lenses
O M T 2.5x 3x 6x Lenses
O M T Tables
Starrett Projectors
Tesa Scope Projectors
Toolmakers Microscopes

Length Measurement
Atchley Gauge Precision Pin Gauges
Ball Bearings Steel imp inspection
Ball Bearings Steel metric inspection
Bowers slip gauges
C E J slip gauges
Coventry Gauge slip gauges
Coventry gauge length bar sets
Fowler Precision Pin Gauges
Hoffmann Roller Gauges
Horstmann Roller Gauges
Matrix Slip gauges
Matrix Length Bars Imperial Inspection
Matrix Length Bars Metric Inspection
Matrix Length Bars Workshop Grade
Matrix Length Bar Accessories Sets Metric
Matrix Length Bar Accessories Set Imperial
Mitutoyo slip gauges
Moore & Wright slip gauges
Precision Straight Edges Imperial grade 1
Precision Straight Edges metric grade 1
Select Slip gauges
Slip Gauges steel K grade imperial
Slip Gauges Steel Reference Grade Imperial
Slip Gauges Carbide Imperial Inspection Grade 1
Slip Gauges Carbide Metric Inspection Grade 1
Slip Gauges Steel Imperial Inspection Grade 1
Slip Gauges Steel Imperial Grade 2
Slip Gauges Steel Imperial Workshop Grade
Slip Gauges Steel Metric Inspection Grade
Slip Gauges Steel Extra Length Imperial
Slip Cages Imperial Insp Grade 1
Slip Cages Metric Insp Grade 1
Slip Gauge Spares
Tesa Imp Spline Slips
Tesa Metric Spline Slips
Tesa Precision Balls
Tesa slip gauges
Tesa ceramic slip gauges
Toolmakers Pins Imperial
Toolmakers Pins Metric
Y P G Precision Pin Gauges

Surface / Form Measurement
Bowers TR100 Roughness Testers
Bowers TR200 Roughness Testers
Bowers CVR 135 Roughness Testers
Bowers CVR 135 Stands
Bowers CV135
Bowers TR100
Bowers TR200
Diavite DH5/DH6/DH7
Diavite Surface Testers
Federal Pocketsurf
Federal Surftest
Federal Surftest Probes
Federal Surftest Stands
Federal Glass Standards
Form Talysurf 50 Intra
Form Talysurf Plus
Moore & Wright Surfscan 100
Moore & Wright MTR 110 Surfscan
Moore & Wright 100 RA Surfscan
Moore & Wright MTR 110
Moore & Wright 200 RA Surfscan
Moore & Wright Surfscan 200
Mitutoyo 201/211
Mitutoyo 301/401/402
Mitutoyo Surftest 402
Mitutoyo Surftest 211
Mitutoyo Surftest 211 Probes
Mitutoyo Surftest 402 Probes
Mitutoyo Surftest Printers
Rubert Surface Comparision Plates
Rugotest/Surface Finish Comparators
Surtronic 3 Check Plates
Surface Measurement Surtronic 3
Surface Measurement Surtronic 3+
Surface Measurement Surtronic 10
Surtronic Printers
Surtronic 3/3+ Accessories
Surtronic 1
Surtronic 2
Surtronic 3 / 3 + / 4
Surtronic 10
Surtronic 25
Surtronic probes 1,2,3,4,
Surtronic 3 Printers
Surtronic 3 Standard Probes
Surtronic 3 Small Bore Probes
Surtronic 3 Recess Probes
Surtronic 3 O Ring Probes
Surtronic 25
Surtronic 25 Standard Probes
Surtronic 2
Surtronic 2 Standard Probes
Talyrond 100 / 200 / 265 / 365
Talysurf 10
Talysurf 10
Talysurf 10 probes
Talysurf 5-120
Talysurf 4
Talysurf 10 Spares
Talysurf 10 Standard Probes
Talysurf 10 Small Bore Probes
Taylor Hobson Surtronic 10
Taylor Hobson Surtronic 3p
Taylor Hobson 3p Parameter Boxes
Taylor Hobson Glass Standards

Setting Rings / Setting Bars
Bowers Setting rings
Mercer setting rings
Setting Rings Metric
Setting Rings Imperial
Setting Bars Imperial
Setting Bars Metric

Angular Measurement
Angle Slips Grade 1 Inspection
Bottle Squares
Cylinder Squares Reference Grade
Crown & Windley Composine Mag Tables
Crown & Windley Composine Sine Tables
Crown & Windley Sine Tables
Crown & Windley Magnetic Sine Tables
Coventry Gauge Angle Slips Inspection Grade 1
Clinometers Optical
Clinometers Microptic
Die Makers Squares
Digital Clinometers
Hilger & Watts Precision Levels
Hilger & Watts Precision Square Levels
Hilger & Watts Clinometers
Hilger & Watts Precision Box Levels
Optical Protractors
Machine Levels
Precision Bubble Levels
Precision Squares Insp Grade
Rotary Sine Tables Insp Grade 1
Straight Edges
Sine Bars Inspection Grade
Sine Tables Compound Magnetic Insp Grade 1
Sine Tables Plain Inspection Grade 1
Sigma Sine Centres
Sigma Test Centres
Steel Parallels Insp Grade
Tesa Niveltronics
Test Mandrels
Tilting Rotary Sine Tables
Toolmakers Straight Edges
Sigma Sine Centres
Verdict Squareness Testers
Vernier Protractors
Wyler Clinometers
Wyler Niveltronics

Hardness Testers, Force Gauges , Testing Equip
Avery Hardness Testers
Bowers Hardness Testers
Brinell Hardness Testers
C V hardness Testers
Durometers Digital
Durometers Annalogue
Digital Hardness Testers
Micro Hardness Testers
Mitutoyo Hardness Testers
Nttonic Force Gauges
Portable Hardness Testers
Rockwell Hardness Testers
Shore A Hardness Testers
Shore D Hardness Testers
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges Digital
Vickers Hardness Testers
Wallace Rubber Test Blocks

Workholding Equipment
Crown & Windley Cubes
Crown & Windley Angle Plates
Eclipse Vee Blocks
Elliott Machine Vices
Eclipse Magnetic Vices
Eclipse Magnetic Chucks
Eclipse Angle Plates
Frenco Bench Centres
Granite Test Centres
Habit Grinding Fixtures
Habit Sine Bars
Jones & Shipman Test Centres
Mitutoyo Bench Centres
Shefcut Inspection Centres
Shefcut Reamer Fixtures
Shimadzu Wire Vices
Tool Presetters Analogue
Tool Presetters Digital
Trimos Tool Presetters
Tool Presetter Arbors
Twinner measuring systems
Union Bench Centres
Verdict Test Centres
Zero Height Setting Gauges

Comparator Gauges And Clocks
Baty Needle Clocks
Baty Plunger Clocks
Baty Ten Fifty Checkmaster
Bowers Checkmatic Gauge
Bowers Quadracheck digital Needle Clocks
Bowers Digital Plunger Clocks
Bowers Universal Snap Micrometers
Come Measuring Tables
Compac Needle Clocks
Compac Plunger Clocks
Dial Test Indicators Plunger Type Metric
Dial Test Indicators Plunger Type Imperial
Digital Plunger Clocks / Plain Back No Knuckle
Dial Snap Gauges Imperial
Dial Snap Gauges Metric
Diatest Plunger Clocks
Digital Snap Gauges
Digital Needle Clocks
Digital Thickness Gauges
Comparator Clocks Imperial
C E J Mikrokator Clocks
Interapid Needle Clocks
Interapid Plunger Clocks
Mercer Clock Stands
Micrometer Snap Gauges
Mitutoyo Digital Height Comparators
Mitutoyo Comparator Stands
Precision Scales
Precision Weights
Passometer Micrometers Metric
Sigma Compators
Sigma instrument stands
Sigma transfer stands
Snap Gauges
Sylvac Digital Probes
Sylvac Comparator Stands
Sylvac 25 Digital Comparator Boxes
Sylvac 50 Digital Comparator Boxes
Sylvac D80 Digital Comparator Boxes
Sylvac D100 Digital Comparator Boxes
Sylvac D100S Digital Comparator Boxes
Tesa Digital Plunger Clocks
Tesa Digital Probes
Tesa Electronic Comparator Boxes
Tesa Modul Digital Comparator Boxes
Tesa Plunger Clocks
Tesa TT10 Digital Comparator Boxes
Tesatast Needle Clocks
Verdict Clock Stands
Verdict Transfer Stands
Weights And Measures

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