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The Politics of Illusion

In this first book in the Delos series, a young noblewoman, Zo Arete, prepares to face her destiny, as the once closely allied planets of Delos and Chios prepare for a war over their energy resources. The Chians have accused Delos of cheating them of energy rights - and everything the Delians do to prove their innocence only makes things look worse.

The Delians are the ones who stand for honour and doing the right thing everyone knows that so when sister planet Chios accuses the Delians of stealing energy resources, the galaxy is rocked. The Delians are rocked too, and desperate, because all the evidence they can find seems to prove the Chians right. As war breaks out, Zo Arete is plucked from her studies to be sent out into the field for the first time to find the answers that will save Delos before it is left in ruins. She was chosen for her heritage and training, but the mission will take all her courage and strength. She will have to face more than she could possibly have imagined as her search leads her to a desolate moon and an enemy planet. How much will be lost before she discovers the cruel truth?


The Politics of Illusion is the first book in the Delos series, which continues with Peace on Earth